Friday, September 18, 2009


You're on the nozzle with two other firefighters backing you, helping you advance the hose. Ya'll are entering into a pitch black unknown territory strewn with obstacles and structural traps. You are immediately enveloped by an eerie, ever changing red-orange glow which serves both as your only light source and a challenge from your enemy, the fire. The heat is intense and makes it's first attack around the underside of your helmet then it winds its creeping, burning breath through your bunker gear. About you it's is like a vacuum devoid of noise then the deep, throaty roar produced by the fire overtakes you, You can feel the waves of heat as they pass by. Your heart begins to beat faster and you can hear your breathing sounds through your regulator above the pray you're not using up your air cylinder too fast. Going into the dangerous unknown is always laced with a weird combination of fear, determination, respect for the dragon and an unexplainable desire to be there and the presence of your fellow firefighters is reassuring. The fire snarls and fights, standing it's ground against the water which turns to steam as they collide. Soon the scene grows dimmer, the red-orange glow pulses like a heart beat as it fades into darkness. It's pitch black now. A lone flame shoots up and swirls to life in front of ya'll, the dragon's last breath, his last defiant stand. Pitch black again and the victory is yours.
This painting is dedicated to my fellow firefighters who put their lives on the line when duty calls.

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